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My First Post

Hello World!

This is my first post in this new blog. For a really long time, I wanted to create a blog. And even with the amazing amount of pieces of softwares and documentations available over the Internet (I have been testing Wordpress, Dotclear, I have even tried to create my own blog system with django or symfony) I was always been disapointed on some point. Until now.

The strongest drawback I found on most blog rendering systems has always been their astonishing complexity compared with my needs: All I want is publishing articles the easy way, with some code highlighting and a few formating, that’s it. And all I got was unwieldy complicated stuff which most of times implies Apache and MySQL servers with potentially security holes (I’m getting more and more paranoiac these times) quite an unecessary load (I know, OVH servers are quite strong, but still…).

This was before I discovered Octopress. It consists on a few ruby scripts which create static web pages and a few tools to preview them locally and upload them on my server. Installing new plugins is amazingly simple, and consists most of times on a git clone to retrieve their sources, followed by adding their names on dummy installed-plugins-array (named default_asides).

The default CSS file does not look so bad I will use them until I’m happy with a twitter-bootstrap CSS from my own.

Ah! And I have also been testing Pelican, a Python static website generator. Well, Seemed to be much heavier, default CSS rendering does not agree with me! It will definitely be Octopress then!

Coming soon articles on Unix, Linux, Open-source softwares and more!